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Have you been struggling to remove stains from your carpets? Are they looking dreary from dirt and soil? Leave it with us, as our carpet cleaning Bournemouth specialists use their industry-leading equipment, knowledge, and experience to tackle even the toughest dirt. Using industry-leading equipment and powerful chemicals, put your trust in our carpet cleaning Bournemouth technicians who will strive to provide you with an excellent service every time. 

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Our services also go beyond carpets, with our carpet cleaning Bournemouth team able to offer advice and the specialist cleaning of rugs, sofas, and mattresses too. Each item is assessed to determine the material, soil level, and colour fastness which dictates the best approach to take and chemicals to use. So why not take advantage of our varied service offering and combine your carpet clean with a sofa clean? 

All items have a layer of chemical detergent applied which releases the trapped dirt, soil and grease from within the fibres, with our powerful vacuums extracting the released dirt with the help of an acidic rinse, leaving them fresh and clean.

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Carpet cleaning Bournemouth - Carpet Monkey

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Over time, your carpets, and rugs are likely to show signs of aging, even when you do everything you can to avoid it, such as vacuuming regularly or taking your shoes off. This can dull the colours of your items, harvest harmful bacteria and deteriorate your soft furnishings. That’s why we recommend having your items cleaned preferably twice a year, but at least once a year to maximise their life span.  Our carpet cleaning Bournemouth technicians will offer you post-clean advice on how to maintain your furnishings or book you in for the next clean!

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Our commercial carpet cleaning Bournemouth experts are on hand to remove any dirt residues from your office or work place, as it represents your brand to your customers. We can make your commercial space look great again, whether it’s a pub, a club, a cinema or a hotel. Our carpet cleaning Bournemouth technicians will come to your commercial property and assess what needs to be cleaned. Once all the measurements are taken, we can provide a quote based on your requirements.

Carpet cleaning Bournemouth - Carpet Monkey

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